The Solutions

Many consulting firms would have you believe that everything you are currently doing in your business needs to be overhauled. Not true. If that were the case, you would likely be beyond a consultants help. D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC begins with identifying your strengths as a company in order to preserve and enhance them. They are, in fact, the reason you have been successful thus far.

Solutions may only need to be streamlining processes or to create better communications throughout the company. This can be as simple as rewriting a policy or procedure or installing a computer program for organizational purposes. There are many low-cost solutions that can be put in place for these purposes. Also, resolutions can be implemented in steps to maintain a balance of change rather than creating shock and resistance. This can also help to balance budgeted resources when needed.

One valuable resource many owners, supervisors and managers overlook is the significance of their employees. That isn’t to say the employees aren’t appreciated, but oftentimes they are disregarded for ideas for change that work when the employees are the ones that face the daily problems, issues, and successes.  D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC will find ways to tap into those resources and refine their ideas, thereby creating solutions that are specific and successful within your company and your industry.

Another practice that is vastly overlooked is planning. We live in a society where everything comes to us in an instant so we have become accustomed to ‘right now’ syndrome. This entices us to rush forward into our tasks without sitting down to plan with the argument that there is no time. We apparently have the time to do things over when we are on the wrong track once, twice, three times…. but, cannot seem to justify the time for planning. Planning makes many of us feel as though we are admitting that we don’t know what we’re doing. Actually, the view should be taken that we are reiterating the fact that we do know. Putting down a plan gives us the opportunity to view timelines and goals, tracking the way from beginning to having the desired end result – without surprises.

D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC will always strive to find the development tools your company needs to compliment the good work you have done throughout your company history and helping you to attain your goals for growth. We are also mindful that the cost of making your company even more successful should not equal the cost to break it.

The old adage is “it takes money to make money.” Although that’s usually true, consideration should be given to every dollar spent toward the growth of the company. The return on investment should be evaluated for every resource used including the time of your employees. Many companies side-step taking into account the value of those resources and feed problems hoping something will work rather than taking the time to plan for the desired outcome and staying within a budgeted allotment.

Enhanced solutions, balanced with resources invested, are the goal of D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC.