Robert Duran, Owner S & F Radiator – North Bergen, NJ                  April 21, 2015

DBSS is the perfect tool for small businesses who desire an easy way to track their quotes as well as outside sales activities.  The simple web based interface allows me to see what’s going from anywhere I have an internet connection.  Ease of use has allowed quick buy in from my employees.  I highly recommend this program. www.sfradiator.net


Joel Christianson, Owner American Radiator – Des Moines, IA                  August 13, 2012

Using the DBSS Quote Program has given the ability to identify inventory weaknesses showing lost sales due to non-stocked product, thereby giving the ability to decrease the number of lost sales due to lack of availability. Also, accurate and reliable reporting pinpoint where advertising dollars are produce the best return, while providing better planning avenues for future marketing endeavors.  The internet base makes it great to be able to add quotes anywhere in real time. This ability has increased our sales by having the quote information instantly available when our customer calls back to place the order.  The Outside Sales Program provides an opportunity to track the salesperson’s route and progress in real time and assists in making him more effective in his visits. Darlene gives fast support and can customize the programs with ease and without interruption. For the money you cannot get a better program. www.radiatorpros.com


Mark Hicks, Owner Maas Radiator/Powder Coating Unlimited – Bloomington, IL           August 14, 2012

Prior to using the DBSS Quote Program we had struggled to keep our quotes organized and in a central location so salespeople could find them when needed. It was an old fashioned pen & paper process that was unorganized and time consuming.  Quickly we became more organized soon after we started using the DBSS Quote Program.  We have become much more streamlined throughout the quoting process and this translates to more sales & better customer service.  The Program also enables us to much more effectively follow up on lost sales and generate reports that will quickly tell us why we lost those sales.  In the past, we attempted to try to keep track of where our advertising dollars were being spent and if that was effective.  Now with the DBSS Quote Program’s automated reporting this has become an essential tool to our advertising program.  We expect to save enough money by eliminating ineffective advertising to pay for the cost of this program.

We also struggled with tracking the progress of our outside sales force. We no longer have to dig through piles of paperwork to determine if the current sales program is yielding results. All this data is right at our fingertips with the DBSS Outside Sales Program, along with reporting and mapping features which makes our salesperson more effective out in the field.  Another common problem we have faced is that when an outside salesperson moves to another employer, we haves struggled to retain all sales call and contact information they have collected.  The DBSS Outside Sales Program eliminates that problem by allowing us to always keep that information in our possession.

The system is also cloud based which allows all of our users to see what each other are doing in real time.  It also prevents data loss because all our information is stored on a secure server that has automated backups.  For example, if our salesperson stops at a customer’s location they can view the most recent quote that was done for that customer, even if it was five minutes ago.

We are also able to utilize this system for other 3 companies and customize the system to suit our needs.

www.maasradiator.com   www.powdercoatingunlimited.com


Martin P. Newell, Jr./Active Heavy-Duty Cooling Products        October 3, 2012

“Darlene knows the industry, understands the markets and most importantly our customers. She is self-motivated, driven and goal oriented. While focused she is able to multi-task better than most people I know. Her enthusiasm, can do approach and willingness to roll up her sleeves and attack any challenge I posed to her was invaluable.”  www.activeradiator.com