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We are pleased to announce that new features and updates will be pushed live to the DBSS Programs this upcoming weekend (August 29-30)so you may encounter times of temporary unavailability during that time. Our goal is to have it fully operational before regular hours on Monday, August 31, 2015.

Please review the new features –


1)      Updating an existing Quote: When you reopen an existing Quote, the “Notes” will now automatically date tag the update each time it is open for revisions.

2)      Marking the Quote as Sold: On an existing Quote a Sold button option has been added to quickly mark the Quote as Sold without having to reopen the Quote fully.

3)      E-mailing a Quote to Customers: When e-mailing a Quote to a customer there are two additional new features

(A) The User will now receive a copy of the quote to keep for their records and to verify that it was sent successfully

(B) You may attach up to five files to the e-mail should you need to send supportive materials such as pictures, drawings, worksheets, etc.


Tip: The first contact with any customer is New Visit – every time thereafter is a Follow Up

1)      Follow Up Versus New Visit: Choosing the correct opening is important in order to support the NEW Calendar. (A pop up reminder has been implemented to help you choose)

2)      The NEW Calendar:

(A) When entering a New Visit or Follow Up, be sure to enter a new Follow Up date. This will put the customer on your Calendar for future planning.  If you need to re-schedule Follow Up on the Calendar, you can drag and drop the customer name to a new day. The new date will update to the Visit or Follow Up recorded.

(B) When entering a Follow Up Visit, simply click the customer name on your Calendar and choose Follow Up to fill in the notes and other information.

(C) Past Due Follow Ups will appear in Red on your Calendar as an alert to reschedule or remove the Follow Up date.

(D) Calendar/Mapping – Click on any date where you have scheduled Follow Ups to Map your customer locations giving you a visual look at your planned trip.

3)      Reports:

(A)Revisions have been completed on many of the Report options in both the Quote and Outside Sales Programs making them easier to export to an Excel file to manipulate or sort the exported data as needed.

(B) New Report/Outside Sales “Visits Without Follow Up” – Visits and Follow Up Visits should always include an anticipated Follow Up date within the record to have them show up on your Calendar, this report allows you to see if you have overlooked any of your customers for a Follow Up visit.


You’ll notice something new on the DBSS Homepage – “How’s Business?” has been added for Quick Tips & Tricks on a variety of things: How to tips for features on DBSS that you may not be utilizing, update announcements, or general business tips that might help to streamline things in your day to day business. You have the option of reading or skipping over to read at a later time, the sign in boxes are in their new place just below the How’s Business box. These items will be refreshed often, if you miss something that you didn’t have time to read, you can find all Quick Tips & Tricks on our blog page at www.dbarlowsalessolutions.com.

IS THERE AN APP FOR THAT? (Reply requested)

There may be! Looking for input from the Users – If a DBSS Programs App were available, how likely are you to use it? Early on, the App will not have all the features of the Programs you are used to having access to. Your input is invaluable to know which features you would like to see immediately in the App to make it most useful to you and will increase from there.


Did you know that many of the updates to DBSS are User inspired?! The goal is to continually make the DBSS Programs more useful to its Users by listening to their needs. Please feel free to e-mail us at: info@dbssquotes.com , darlene@dbssquotes.com or call 414-881-1004 if you would like further instruction on the newest updates or with your ideas for new features as you think of them.

Thank you for using DBSS Quote/Sales Programs, we appreciate your business and wish you all the best for your continued success!

Kind regards,

Darlene Barlow