Evaluation Process

Understanding Your Business

Too often consulting firms rely on textbook answers that don’t fit in real world applications. Your business is unique and deserves to be treated as such. D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC begins with a complete understanding of your business; its people, its processes, its policies, and its goals. Also, further research is completed to have full knowledge of the industry in which you work and compete.

Taking the Hard Look

There is a reason a decision was made to seek out a consultant for your business. Perhaps sales have slipped or have even come to a stand-still, your employee turnover has increased, you’re unsure what the next step is for growth, or you’re just looking to streamline your operations or add some polish.  Whatever the reason, it’s a good one and one worth pursuing if only to put your mind at ease that you are headed in the right direction. Working with a consultant gives you the opportunity to take a hard look at your business from another, or perhaps several, perspectives.

Partnership in Change and Growth

Once the initial evaluation is complete we implement a partnership in planning with your company. Change and growth can be difficult to handle when the processes are merely dictated. Suggestions and options for change can only be successful within the company if they are embraced. Telling people what to do create walls of defense, so we want you to fully comprehend the reasons for change while including your input, as well as explain the value it will create for your business. Planning on our part comes from knowing the right questions to ask and, therefore, providing the right answers for directions in growth.

Top-Down Values and Beliefs

Each company, as with each person, has a personality and culture of its own. However, one thing that remains constant is that employees will always look to their supervisors for guidance and examples for expectations. For this reason, it is imperative that new business practices are followed through at all levels. Instructing employees to follow procedures that are not followed by management as well, only serves to create resistance. Simply stated, when companies do not practice using top-down values and beliefs, they simply do not work.


One of the most difficult strengths to achieve within a company is true communication. Without it, companies face additional costs with order and shipping errors, duplication of work, disgruntled employees, and worse yet – unhappy, non-returning customers. A key factor in business growth is to import plans to ensure communication among the staff and employees. In order to address this,  D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC takes great strides to articulate plans and processes clearly for clear communication and the best possible outcomes in your business.