DBSS Programs

 Easy to use, completely secured, web based programs for easy accessibility and updated information in real time

  • No special software required
  • No complicated networking
  • Minimal training time
  • Virtually unlimited storage
  • Accessible through any internet connection using any device


Salespeople can easily create and store quotes to customers that are simple to search for follow up calls or when your customer is ready to place their order – even when they are on the road.

Owners and managers have a quick overview of calls and volumes for better scheduling. The DBSS Quote Program also evaluates sales performance with individual and overall volumes and closing rates. Quantity reporting on part numbers sold and NOT sold for enhanced inventory control, planning, and buying power.

As a marketing tool, the DBSS Quote Program identifies and reports how and where your customers are finding your company giving you better decision making abilities with your marketing budget and strategies.


Need a way to connect your inside and outside sales efforts? The DBSS Outside Sales Program provides a fast, organized method to log visits to new prospects and your existing loyal customers. Again, real time means you will always be connected.

The Visit Log and Reports show a fast overview for better planning and time management leading to your increased sales. The Calendar and Map features keep a focus on your best prospects, routes, and follow up calls.

To see and use our demo program, please send your request through our Contact Page. The link will be sent to your e-mail address provided, along with sign in credentials so you are able to browse the program at your leisure.

*Upcoming programs from DBSS include Real-time Production,

Shipment Tracking and HR Tracking