For more than 30 years I have served in the capacity of customer service and/or sales of one type or another; more than 25 of those years were spent in a management or supervisory role. Initially I found myself in retail markets including banking, grocery, new construction materials, automobile sales and financing, and logistics. The past 16 years have been spent with manufactures in the heat-exchange industry. Although these markets and industries are diverse, they have two common denominators – people and sales.

The most successful companies will always consider people and sales first. Customer and employee needs supply many different challenges that need to be addressed each and every day. Without sales, the company will come to a complete halt. Those who will leave these to chance are those that will either struggle through keeping the business afloat, or are destined to watch it fail.

The experience that my career has allotted me has truly been vast. I find that I am intrigued by the challenges the industries and markets offer – as well as those of our changing (or bouncing?) economy. Also, I carry an unyielding respect for those who rise each day to the opportunities and obstacles of successfully running and maintaining a business. Just as a war hero, they fail to even see how brave they truly are to continue taking each step forward.

The decision to create D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC came as I realized I had a natural talent for recognizing strengths and not-so-strong aspects within different companies. My experience and education plays an enormous part in this and has enhanced it greatly. Many people have the ability to step back to view the larger picture, however, they may be stunted when they are faced with what to do about it. This is where I tend to shine.

The foundations of my beliefs and practices are fairly simple, but are fundamentally important in achieving goals. First, the people who surround your business should be the first consideration – always. If attention is not given to customers and employee needs, it is likely to dwarf the potential for growth. Product and services are offered to and by people. They most certainly have the capacity to make or break your sales. Second, too often companies busy themselves with measuring what their sales are, rather than what they are not (selling). If you are already selling it, why waste the precious resource of time on it? The sales that really require your attention are those you are not getting. Identifying them will be the new avenues of growth potential for your business.

Whether working with a client or speaking to an audience about finding new sales, marketing strategies, retaining employee talent, or improving on systems, I find that I am passionate about guiding them toward new successes. Finding ways to reach their goals or just give them quick tips and tricks inspires me to continue looking for ways companies can improve and move up the latter with even greater success.

I look forward to viewing your company and showing it off to you – in a whole new light.

At your service,

Darlene Barlow