For more than 30 years I have served in the capacity of customer service and/or sales of one type or another; more than 25 of those years were spent in a management or supervisory role. Initially I found myself in retail markets including banking, grocery, new construction materials, automobile sales and financing, and logistics. The past 16 years have been spent with manufactures in the heat-exchange industry. Although these markets and industries are diverse, they have two common denominators – people and sales.

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Evaluation Process

Understanding Your Business

Too often consulting firms rely on textbook answers that don’t fit in real world applications. Your business is unique and deserves to be treated as such. D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC begins with a complete understanding of your business; its people, its processes, its policies, and its goals. Also, further research is completed to have full knowledge of the industry in which you work and compete.

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The Solutions

Many consulting firms would have you believe that everything you are currently doing in your business needs to be overhauled. Not true. If that were the case, you would likely be beyond a consultants help. D Barlow Sales Solutions, LLC begins with identifying your strengths as a company in order to preserve and enhance them. They are, in fact, the reason you have been successful thus far.

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